Canadian Online Gambling Laws

Companies opening their online casinos in Canada have to follow local online gambling laws. These Canadian regulations stipulate and create a legal atmosphere for the country’s players. Thus, safe gambling there means play only at the government-approved online casinos. Those laws vary from one region to another. The main gaming association controlling online regulation of casinos in Canada is Kahnawake. Read on to explore everything about the legal side of Canadian gambling.

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About Canadian gambling laws

Legal online casinos function only under government strict gambling standards. Since legislation in Canada is very dynamic and changes from time to time, much depends on the 10 provinces. Since being the federal government, these Canadian regions have their unique approach to the parts responsible for creating online casinos. You can spot casinos with different procedures, and there are places like Kahnawake which has its own laws independent from the government.

Legislation in Canada attempts to make betting and playing online safer and thus, has made numerous changes in the last years. In some territories, the laws seem to be less strict, whereas others will make it hard for casinos to work. Many regulations and the changes in them have led to the rise of the offshore platforms offering gambling online.

Kahnawake Commission

Kahnawake Gaming Commission comes directly as a unique case regarding playing online in Canada. It’s located in Quebec, yet it’s a sovereign territory and thus, laws there are different. Being independent, it has the right to give licenses to the casinos.

Kahnawake’s commission was established in the 90s with the rise of online gambling. So, it happens quite often to find a decent casino under the jurisdiction of Kahnawake. This commission ensures fair and legal gaming, and while Canadian laws have undergone many changes, it stayed more stable. 

5 myths about Canadian gambling

Some Canadians are afraid to start playing at the local online casinos due to the lots of online gambling restrictions. But no need to worry as your actions aren’t illegal, yet if betting is your hobby, you’ll find some good and reliable place for that.

  1. Any Canadian citizen gambling online can be charged.
    Actually, online gambling laws are stricter to casinos than to citizens. So, betting online isn’t considered a crime. Yet the government warns players to be careful and cautious. No laws can turn the lost money online. So, be responsible for your own actions like depositing or betting, and thus your discretion is a must while gambling. 
  2. In Canada, your winning is subject to tax
    No commission or some other organization has a law regarding the taxation of player’s winnings. Thus, your winnings are only yours. No Canadian legislation requires you to pay taxes for winning or staying online.
  3. There are no legal Canadian gambling sites
    Gaming online isn’t new to the Canadian public. On the contrary, it’s very popular and has always been a part of Canadian culture. Moreover, in the 70s, the Canadian government made its gambling laws less harsh, and this affected online gambling as well. Hence, gaming online can’t be considered illegal.
  4. All Canadian gambling casinos work without a license
    Many changes have been made to make gambling more appealing and legal for the players. Thus, laws for sites inside Canada require them to be licensed and safe for users. Those without a license, according to casino procedures, are considered illegal. For those intending to function within the country, following the laws is a must.

How to find legal Canadian gambling platforms

In Canada, you can come across many sites offering great betting and playing experience, yet it’s important to know whether they’re legal or at least government approved. Some tips to find reliable, legal, and best casinos:

Check a license. Be it in Canada or offshore, the casinos should have a license. If you can’t find such info, be careful before your betting starts. Any casino should be approved by the government, or, at least, by some other institution ensuring the platform follows casino laws.

Find sites from Kahnawake. Casinos from that region or those approved by this commission ensure you a legal betting. Players in Canada choose such online casinos more often knowing they follow laws.

Always read reviews. Studying the reviews you’ll more likely find the sites offering legal and trustworthy gambling in accordance with the laws of Canada. Spotting a Canadian casino, always read its review before your gambling and betting adventure starts.


In Canada, gambling is unique as 10 regions have different laws that have undergone many changes. Thus, legal online casinos aren’t a myth. Local platforms try to promote their casinos and follow the laws. While your gaming isn’t generally considered illegal, some sites you visit might be illicit and function without government approval. That’s why special commissions exist to help to provide legal gambling. Following a few easy steps while choosing a casino to play at you’ll easily find government-approved sites that are worth your attention and money.


Can I play a casino in Canada?

Of course, you can play at any casino in Canada. You won’t be prosecuted by the government for gambling.

Is it illegal to play at offshores casinos?

No, gambling there isn’t illegal.

Can the Kahnawake Commission issue the licenses for casinos?

Being located at the independent territory, Kahnawake Commission has a right to grant licenses to the casinos.

Do all platforms provide fair and safe conditions for their casinos?

It’s impossible to say all gambling platforms are fair and safe. Thus, always check the reliability of a casino.

Are all top casinos government approved?

No, they aren’t. Many best casinos work under different jurisdictions and have got their licenses from different authorities and are approved by different organizations.

Are Canadian gambling laws standardized?

No, they’re very different, and 10 regions have their own legislation directed to gambling. You’ll spot many law changes while travelling through Canada, and this phenomenon makes this country unique.